Here are just a few establishments we are currently servicing:

  • Michael Angelos Brick Oven Restaurant, Arthur Ave. Bx.
  • Howling at the Moon, Arthur Ave. Bx.
  • Morris Pk Pioneer Supermarket, 
  • A&V Bakery Unionport Rd.
  • Allerton Ave. Pizza Restaurant
  • Wilbert Pizza Restaurant, Southern Blvd Bx.
  • Rays Grill & Deli, Crotona Pkwy E. Bx.
  • Caridad Restaurant, E Tremont Ave Bx.
  • La Estrella Latina Restaurant, Gr.Con Cor. Bx.
  • Yoli's Restaurant, Featherbed Ln Bx.
  • Sobro Condos, Ave Saint John, Bx.
  • Sandy's Restaurant, NYC, NY
  • Mi Abuelita's/ Rancho Vegano, 2nd Ave. NYC
  • A.M. Deli E. 116 St. NYC.
  • Poppi's  Deli, Sanford Blvd. Mt Vernon
  • Saint Lucy's School & Annex, Bx. NY.
  • Promiseland Cov. Church 1 & 2, pkchstr. Bx
  • Ginos Deli, North Ave. New Rochelle
  • New Wok Chinese Restr, North Ave. New Ro.
  • Multiple pvt homes, co ops and condos.


Allows us to return your Peace and Comfort back to you

The Path with Brinavic Exterminating

  • We interview customers, conduct detailed inspections (interior/exterior), perform evaluations of degrees of infestations, identify points of entry and causes (sanitation issues), locate nest, evaluate for best treatments to eradicate all pest problems.  We are children, pet and environment sensitive. 
  • We educate the customer on how to maintain a pest free environment and identify potential problems providing preventive solutions.
  • We also assist food prep / processing / service / food trucks/ restaurants with passing the N.Y. health dept. inspections and maintaining the A grade.  We are prevention oriented, fully insured, utilizing Inter-graded Pest Management Programs for fly control, roaches, rodents, silverfish, ants, millipedes, centipedes, bees, wasps and most unwanted pest invaders.
  • We also provide special services at affordable prices such as (but not limited to) bed bug detailed inspections and treatments, fogging, clean outs, rodent droppings removal and sanitizing, rodent proofing, monitoring programs, multiple services per month as needed, contractual agreements, service sheets for health dept's. review for customers receiving contractual monthly services.
  • We pride ourselves on taking our time to solve the problem, never in a rush, using unmarked vehicles for privacy, full uniforms and ID badges. 
  •  We are now servicing (but not limited to) upper Manhattan, Bronx, and lower Westchester County.
  •  Allow us to return to you the peace and comfort those uninvited home invaders stole from you and your loved ones.